An Exclusive Destination for Day Outings, Picnic, Birth Day Celebration, Wedding or Business Events

ELIM Resort - Away from the chaos of Bangalore city, just 25 km from the city on Kanakpura Road is a destination with difference. Its truly a corporate resort where you can enjoy with exclusivity!

Escape from the city life into a space where you can be with yourself and what you like.. Experience a generous slice of the good life at ELIM. Unwind, relax, play or swim and let yourself be taken care of.

Right blend of luxury and hospitality makes ELIM Resort the new signature in hospitality industry. At ELIM we are committed to achieve excellence by offering world class services to visitors.

The meticulously planned infrastructure and the stately ambience make it the perfect get-away from the city. You can feel within the city yet away from the chaos. Here you are welcomed by the soft rustle of Palms swaying in the gentle breeze, the chirp and twitter of the countryside, and by our courteous staff.

Looking for a venue for your corporate day outing near Bangalore then read on for your perfect ternary. This is just a small peek into the excitement on offer at our resort in around Bangalore